text work

detail from bound/boundless © Salma Ahmad Caller, 2018

My name is Chris Murray, I am an Irish poet who views the making of books to be the most important thing that I do.

This website is a working writer’s space that will include published, unpublished, draft, and experimental poems. Some of the poems have appeared elsewhere in different guises and in slightly different forms. In those cases, there will be more than one URL link available to the reader. I often use footnotes, references, and quotations to denote intertextual relationships between poems and between their originating books.


text work is an evolving space devoted entirely to the page poem, which may manifest in other ways here too. This site is designed fluidly to reflect the necessity of adaptability in approaches to publishing poetry: the design of this site will be subject to constant change.

We live in a globalised society and in a traumatised world. The poetry that we make should be capable of reflecting our human ability to adapt to change. Poetry publishing should include widely available digital tools that can transmit and disseminate the poem in ways that are capable of reaching wider and more diverse audiences.

I am currently integrating pages from Poethead onto text-work which will likely add a lot of content quite quickly – enjoy the read.

© Chris Murray 2020, 2021