The Philosopher [Excerpt] by Emily Bronte.

Aurora b. (2004), by ann Madden
I saw a spirit , standing, man,
Where thou dost stand– an hour ago,
And round his feet three rivers ran,
Of equal depth and equal flow–
A golden stream– and one like blood;
and one like sapphire seemed to be;
But where they joined their triple flood
it tumbled in an inky sea
The spirit sent his dazzling gaze
Down though the oceans gloomy night;
Then kindling all with sudden blaze,
The glad deep sparkled far and bright–
White as the sun, far, far more fair
Than it’s divided sources were!

Published 1846 in Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell, by Ellis Bell

  • The Image is entitled ‘aurora b’ by ann madden, 2004.

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