Epigrams from An Dúanaire, Le Seán Ó Tuama

cill riallaig, by Derek Culley @ alt ents
cill riallaig, by Derek Culley @ alt ents

If all the sea were ink
and all the rocks were chalk,
if every bird’s wing were a pen
and the sky a single sheet,

Put a pen in the hand of every man
of the seed of Eve and Adam
and still they’d leave unwitnessed
two thirds of woman’s wickedness.

Le Seán Ó Tuama

(in the case of the louder misogynist, I think a large chubby crayon would be more suited to the task !)

La Red and Network (18):
The International PEN newsletters on women’s writing and freedom are just now published, with reports from the PEN Centres, the issue of violence against women and reports from the centres; including the ACP, the Americas, Europe and United Nations Reports, also included a review of Our Voice.

La Red /Network are the Spanish/English Newsletters of the IPWWC The French language Version will be arriving shortly. IPWWC  are The International PEN Women Writers Committee.

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