Word Images.

St John's Wort, an irish bog  flower.
St John’s Wort, an irish bog flower.

The Vowels:

Ailm – ‘A’
Onn– ash-tree, ‘O’
úr-earth , ‘U’
Iodhadh– ‘i’
ór-gold-, ‘oi’
Uileann-elbow ‘Ui’
ifín-pine, ‘ia’
Eamhancoll, ‘ea’.

They relate to Ogham markings, I wanted to publish a photo of a flower I only know as ‘flame’, which grows wild on roadsides and all over Achill island and in areas of the North-west but did not know the correct name for it.

My favourite word image from ogham is a ‘r’, Ruis for ‘redness’ I published a teeny picture of the markings beneath the post: Focail Le Peigí Rose which is somewhere on the blog.

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