The Wyf of Bath.

The Wyf of Bath.
The Wyf of Bath.

It’s really been a while since I read Chaucer with any attention. But I really remember The Wyf of Bath for two reasons:

i). Sylvia Plath loved her: and so instead of focussing on the accepted degree course I haunted the libraries and looked at women poets and their relation to metaphysics, the other reason was I that had heard

ii).That the RSC had been disallowed perform The Canterbury Tales a couple of years ago in Spain (in a church) and had been offered another venue (also a church) for the performance.

I downloaded the  above image sometime ago, knowing that I would be using it in some way in relation to the issue of censorship. In my mind two men really wrote women very well, but the blog is almost wholly dedicated to women’s poetic discourse.., one of the men is Chaucer whose Wyf is lovely. She doesn’t like being boxed into a feminine role and is on the trail to Canterbury to find another hubby (prompted by Venus apparently).

…and the other writer is James Joyce , who wrote the beautiful Anna Livia Soliquoy in Finnegan’s Wake which I touched on briefly in the blog in relation to the beguine Marguerite Porete. But mostly I find us women are well able to vocalise our experience- personally I love to natter. How and ever the issue of Pornography came up and I responded, the link is on the righthand column under Westwood Censorship:

Two things that we should utterly reject as human beings are:

1. Materialistic philosophies that deny the issues of choice to grown-ups, especially with regard to the individuation of women. (and I do speak of Choice not corralling/imposition and violence).

2. Any attempt to crystallise our metaphysics into systemized ideas of what makes a woman or man, because it’s hard enough to live in this world without an outer imposition or pattern of what we should adhere to.

Grown-ups are grown-ups and censorship at any level of artistic discourse indicates a complete lack of understanding of basic humanity.

(this reminds me of the Berlusconi episode which involved his adjustment of the ‘Time Uncovering Truth’ Painting, but I decided not to re-publish the image on the blog cos mostly people are familiar with it).

The Silvio Berlusconi debacle , ‘Time Uncovering Truth‘ :

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