Ladybirds in the Schoolyard and a Five year Ban on Wajeha.

Where We Find the Words That We Use.

It’s Monday Morning and the first day of the new school term. Many Mothers are bringing their daughters to their schools, wherein they will learn to use computers and libraries. Where they learn the joy of self and have to deal with issues of bullying and learn to make friends. Once upon a time it was not ok to educate daughters, indeed some of our most incredible women writers learned their words from the books left about by the tutors of their brothers, or in one case I am aware of from the labels of co-op medicine bottles. Little girls have a complete and all embracing thirst for knowledge as much as their brothers indeed, and the next basic step on accquiring that knowledge is to use it- all the better if it is communicate and teach to others.

And yet, in so many societies women are abused, murdered , imprisoned and bullied for using the very words that they have found and discovered in the little school yards, or amongst the beetles and ladybirds of a busy place where others are playing round them.

Lift the Ban

(I always think bans and censorships come from fear and denial, and those who bully their daughters are Utopians involved it seems in the betterment of societies with a bewildering ethnic cleansing of the individual female voice at root). I wonder what kind of Utopias can be constructed without the voices of women in the hospitals, working the land and singing old songs into their daughter’s ears?

For many of us , the first experience of language, song and complex linguistics come from listening to our mothers , that complexity is an inheritance that is developed in education . A lot of young women writers currently on the threatened and banned lists have small children who absorb with that intelligence unique to small kids the atmosphere of repression that pervades Utopian societies. Those failures will eventually emerge either creatively or violently.

Wajeha Al Huwaider
Wajeha Al Huwaider

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