This is How a Government Addresses Heritage Preservation and Petrol Dependence.


The Gabhra Valley which runs through Tara/Skyrne has been bisected in order for an Irish Government to facilitate a population explosion and it’s attendant urban sprawl. The M3 will be tolled and people will live in cheap houses provided by the wisdom of Meath County Council who are re-zoning the lands. This is our response to climate change, to the fragile archaeological landscape at Tara, wherein 39 sites of integrated relation were subject to separate demolition orders (contracted to private archaeological companies) in the absence of state policy on heritage preservation and in denial of the inter-connectedness of the sites. Tara is the burial place of kings and the suffered bisection is intimately related to a government that cannot address issues of concern with regard to preservation of heritage in a country where successive planning legislations have consistently eroded community right to protest at decisions made by profit-driven companies. A national development and transport plan that is weighted toward government appointed boards and vested interests, that wholly removes both employment and pride.

The fecund Irish public shall pay to drive the road in a time of deepening oil crisis and resource wars because the government tells them that this is modernity, indeed, the Taoiseach who presided over the vandalism completely discounted the role of Tara in it’s cultural context and commented on ” Snails and archaeology” holding up progress. The planning process and intimate links between successive environment ministers and lobbies are being scrutinised at EU level, whilst we are consistently fined for breach of habitat directive by the EU. This however is little to the act of vandalism of a valley to profit a greed-ridden administration who pride themselves on going to the US and playing the fat leprechaun.

 details, the court cases and the decisions.


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