Behind the Forehead is the Realm of Dreams, but Your Forehead bears the Seal of Peace

Hamlet [By Mirjam Tuominen]

You want to go behind the realm of the forehead.
You want your inner realm.
Behind the forehead is the realm of dreams.
But your forehead bears the seal of peace.
Where you lean your forehead
in the moon’s reversed sign
O Prince of Denmark!
in the moon’s transforming radiance
in the pellucid night
there the realm of peace is mirrored.

[Excerpt from Hamlet].

Mirjam Tuominen appears on the blog a couple of times, a short poem in the  War Category and Fornicating with Demons. The excerpted Hamlet comes from The Selected Writings, Trans, David Mc Duff and Published by Bloodaxe.

I had started a minor critique/appreciation of Mirjam’s poetry on google docs, because she is woefully under-rated as a writer and I hope to upload it in a few weeks. Two of her books were bequeathed to me (along with many others) by the daughter of Marianne Agren Mc Elroy (RIP), who also translated Nelly Sachs . Marianne’s translation of Comes Somebody is also on the blog, categorised in 25 Pins in a Packet and More Women Poets

Let Go Of My Hand

Let Go of My Hand you idle grasp!
Here no human hand can help
Neither father nor mother
Neither brother nor sister.
Neither Husband nor wife
Neither doctor’s advice
nor doctor’s knife.
A child has known what you know.
Do not fear
The fall, the deep one!
Only takes the one who is afraid.
Be silent!
Go forward!”

[Mirjam Tuominen –Under the Earth Sank. 1954].

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