Exilic Conditions

I am glad I went onto the Nomadics Site [blogroll- P Joris blog] because in many ways it has been something that resonates with some of my own themes. I had put down a folder (in exasperation) four years ago based in the conditions of exile and loss.

When I went into read the ethnopoetics site and it touched off a whole reconnection with the original (largely unpunctuated) poems of a few years ago. One of them I have been re-working this morning : Goldfriend , which is
based in some lines from The Wanderer (Anglo-Saxon) , in which the exile from both the Lord’s Hall and his comrades is keenly felt . I could not rid myself of the image of the longed for friend as a Goldfriend and wrote it for inclusion into a MSS which I had shelved. (as usual retaining and re-working some of the images i.e; weeding and shelving being the busy work of a minimalist who really does not want to publish).

So I re-wrote Goldfriend and may even get round to typing it in the next days. I am out of ribbon and there is only one little shop in Dublin that supplies the correction tape and ribbon (for the poems).

This Morning I was going to publish Mary’s Song  from Winter Trees by Sylvia Plath. The image work is tremendous and Winter Trees is oft neglected in the Plath conversation. This morning then, has passed in the re-writing of an old piece that had found it’s way into a reject pile but would not quite lie still. Indeed, the mss of which it is a part has a few old songs in there that I had neglected for some time.

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