Three Quickie Notes


The Poetry Ireland Gathering (as part of Culture night) will be happening on Friday 19th.[Dublin] Its open door, put your name on the list and get six minutes reading time. The venue is the Unitarian Church on St Stephen’s Green, which has hosted some other poetry meetings (including the belated Women’s Day celebrations (April 2008)


The forum got on the longlist nominations for the Irish Web Awards; Best Discussion Forum, there is also a member area for working poets/performers to do their thing and get both positive and constructive feedback. (Ah we love it!- members get to listen to each other’s performances via youtube &C and to share poetic stuff). I call that bit of the forum The Secret Garden, though it is probably the most active part of the site (and one which I have grossly under-used).


I added Poetry Chaikhana to the blogroll, thanks to Ivan for the Kerouac: The Scripture of the Golden Eternity. Which I am printing out and reading at home. The illustration at the end is from the Chaikhana Blog.

Poetry Chaikhana Blog Banner.
Poetry Chaikhana Blog Banner.

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