about chris murray


My writing begins with a pen and notebooks and it often culminates in a published book, chapbook, or vocal adaption.

For me, book-making is a process of construction advised by the poems and their relationships. As a poet, one develops an awareness of relatedness evident throughout all the elements in a finished work (be it a series, cycle, sequence, poem, chapbook, or book). Some of my books carry their echoes into newer work, I often add these into the text as comments or in footnotes. It excites me when that happens.

I am interested in transposing poetic creative processes into other forms, including digital gardening, audio, visual, collaborative, and translative approaches to the poem. To that end, the design and shape of this site will be constantly shifting and subject to change.

Murray turns to the space of the lyric, often pared down to its bones, though never lacking in musicality or vividness.

Sean Hewitt Irish Times

About Chris Murray

Chris Murray is a graduate of Art History and English Literature at UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy. She qualified and worked as a conservation stone cutter with the Office of Public Works in Counties Limerick and Kerry. She was primarily based at Ross Castle (Loch Lein, Killarney, Co. Kerry) and at Ardfert Cathedral among other places.

Chris curates the Fired! archive at RASCAL (Research And Special Collections Available Locally at QUB). Member of the Irish Women Writer’s Network and Fired! Irish Poets. She was appointed to the literary peer panel of the Irish Arts Council in November 2021.

Although Chris is primarily a page poet she has written poetry for vocal performance. Her “Lament for Three Women’s Voices” was performed at The Béal Festival of New Music and Poetry (Smock Alley Theatre, 2012) and “Nocturne for Voices One and Two” was produced as a sound piece by Una Lee in 2021. 

Chris Murray’s Turas Press profile is here. Some of her books are A Hierarchy of A Halls (Smithereens Press, 2018) and bind (Turas Press, 2018) Her most recent collection Gold Friend was published in September 2020 by Turas Press. Chris is currently editing her sixth collection of poetry which will be published in early 2023.