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My name is Chris Murray. I am an Irish poet who views the making of books to be the most important thing that I do.

This website is a working writer’s space that will include published, unpublished, draft, and experimental poems. Some of the poems have appeared elsewhere in different guises and in slightly different forms. Some of the published poems share overt and sometimes not so obvious intertextual relationships with each other.

We live in a globalised society and in a traumatised world. The poetry that we make should be capable of reflecting our human ability to adapt and change. Poetry publishing should include widely available digital tools that can transmit and disseminate the poem in ways that are capable of reaching wider and more diverse audiences. To that end, I have made all of my pamphlets available as PDFs on Internet Archive and on the downloadables page of this site.

I publish at RASCAL (Research And Special Collections Available Locally, QUB), Poethead, Internet Archive and Omeka. On rare occasions you may find my poems or opinions in the Irish Times.

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