Tag: Ágnes Nemes Nagy

  • ‘Trees’ by Ágnes Nemes Nagy

    Trees   Learn. The winter trees. Hoarfrosted crown to root. Immovable curtains.   And learn too of the zone where a crystal steams and trees merge into mists, as the body in recollection of it.   And behind the trees, the river mute wings of the wild duck the whiteblind blue night of hooded objects […]

  • ‘Hemisphere’ by Ágnes Nemes Nagy.

    Hemisphere  by Ágnes Nemes Nagy. Here, is the upper hemisphere. Still grey, where grey and liquid white meet a liquid stairway, and with the white whiter yet. Here, is the upper zone where on frosty grass thaw starts, where the dew stitching grass and air makes the field seem higher – an uncertain rainbow. Then […]