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  • ‘Secret Waters’ by Eva Gore-Booth.

    Secret Waters BY EVA GORE-BOOTH Lo, in my soul there lies a hidden lake, High in the mountains, fed by rain and snow, The sudden thundering avalanche divine, And the bright waters’ everlasting flow, Far from the highways’ dusty glare and heat. Dearer it is and holier, for Christ’s sake, Than his own windy lake […]

  • A Saturday Woman Poet, Women Writers On Poethead in 2010.

    A Saturday Woman Poet 2010 , some Women Writers from the Poethead blog . The Saturday Woman Poet  category of Poethead is related to  other categories and themes within this site called , 25 Pins in a Packet , Women Creators,  A Saturday Woman Poet and Saturday Women Poets. I will be adding those links and archives at […]

  • ‘Form’ by Eva Gore-Booth

    The buried statue through the marble gleams, Praying for freedom an unwilling guest, Yet flooding with the light of her strange dreams The hard stone folded round her uncarved breast.   Founded in granite, wrapped in serpentine, Light of all life and heart of every storm, Doth the uncarven image, the Divine Deep in the […]