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  • ‘Nightmare’ and ‘The Fall’ by Eleanor Hooker

    ‘Nightmare’ and ‘The Fall’ by Eleanor Hooker

    Nightmare   A cobalt night in blue relief and the hunt begins. The green grass black and the talking baby frightens me. Bug eyed horrors hover in our shadows, lingering, carnivorous. Wailing now to let him stay, He stumbles after, the talking baby.    Drop under the yickety yackety picket fence. A treacherous fork in the […]

  • ‘Calling a halt to killings in Syria’: Irish Times 28/04/2012.

    Calling a halt to killings in Syria Sir, – Credible reports that Syrian security forces have murdered people who have had contact with UN monitors represent a challenge to all of us. The United Nations acts in our name. If silence represents complicity in the face of crimes against humanity, allowing the UN to be […]

  • Cutting the cloth to fit the wearer, recent press about women poets.

    This post is a short form critique based on recent media coverage of those women poets who had not alone dared to hoist their poetic-petards, but to have achieved a popularity which is altogether more meaty than winsome domestic. Last week, I alluded in my Tweets and indeed in this blog to the issue of […]

  • Mick Heaney , Arts vs politics: We haven’t got the balance right

    This brief post comprises a link to Mick Heaney’s article ( Irish Times ,  18/11/2011 )  regarding a symbiotic relation between the politics of the State and Irish Arts in Ireland. I have decided to link the article here,  as blogging is a way of retaining record of items of interest that might otherwise be subsumed beneath current issues. I was […]

  • Do Arts Cuts hit the right note? Irish Times

    ‘This week’s Budget, of course, represents the Coalition Government’s thinking on the role of the arts. Both Fine Gael and Labour, who are likely to form the next government, are due to issue cultural policy documents in coming weeks. The fact that they are putting the arts on their pre-election agenda indicates that both parties […]

  • Raymond Deane’s Letter to the Irish Times , 26/02/10.

    This is a C+P from today’s letter’s page in the Irish Times,to which I am linking some PH posts on how Martin Cullen TD has appointed and directed his Arts Council: . The Irish Times – Friday, February 26, 2010 : Cuts in Arts Council Funding. . Madam, – So the Arts Council has had its budget cut […]