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  • Dreaming poems; editing “Julian of Norwich” and ‘The Dream of the Rood’

    1. ‘Lo! I will tell of the best of dreams, what I dreamed in the middle of the night, after the speech-bearers were in bed. It seemed to me that I saw a very wondrous tree 5. lifted into the air, enveloped by light, the brightest of trees.’ . from The Dream of the Rood (electronic […]

  • Two Book Versions of Julian of Norwich’s Revelation

    Middle English is not so Difficult… I thought I had found a treasure today whilst browsing in my local bookshop and coming upon a ‘modernish’ version of the Revelations (shewings of ) Julian of Norwich.  Not so!! The book is a 1987 imprint which seeks (or sought) to bring the writings of the Anchoress at Norwich […]

  • Women editors and translators on Poethead 

    Women translators and editors form the basis of much of what is published on Poethead.  Mostly they have a Western (English Language bias), although not always , (in the cases of Levertov, Ursu, Weil, Hassanzadeh, Nagy, amongst others for example ) though I do think that as readers and writers many women underestimate the small presses, the […]