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  • Poems by Rosemarie Rowley

    ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR   I have not been keeping a ledger or account book Of double entries, for the cost and price Is not reckoned in the way you look Or what you said, in whatever form or guise I’ll never know your motives or intentions Whether you acted blindly or on […]

  • ‘No Earthly Estate’, the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh, Padraic Colum and Eithne Strong.

    The title of this small post and book recommendation is somewhat misleading, the post is not wholly about Patrick Kavanagh‘s poetry. I have been reading No Earthly Estate in conjunction with poetry by Padraic Colum and Eithne Strong during this week. Having today published a poem by Eithne Strong, and indeed there a few of the Poet’s Circuits […]

  • ‘No Earthly Estate’, Patrick Kavanagh

    I am recommending, today a book called  No Earthly Estate: God and Patrick Kavanagh, an Anthology, ed Tom Stack, Columba Press 2004. Excerpted , ‘No Earthly Estate , Kavanagh, Colum and Strong’ (December 2010) . ‘The wordsmiths mentioned above , Kavanagh, Strong, and Colum are but a tiny example of the triumph of art and literature against what amounts to […]