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  • “We Did Not Choose The Sea” and other poems by Philo Ikonya

    “We Did Not Choose The Sea” and other poems by Philo Ikonya

    Unrecorded Stone music When your music rises from your grave in flower and some stones quiver and sing notes musical I hear your voice When music pricks the air from a needle in friction and touches the first traction molecule of air-kissing your ear I have memories When your words attach a molecule of air […]

  • ‘Aluine’s Gardens’ by C. Murray

    Aluine’s Gardens Before the house behind the sea, a garden. Before the mountain behind the house, a circuit of trees. Before the small house behind the grey sea, A strip of lawn enclosed with box. Before the tall mountain behind those six white walls of house, rows of young alders a circuit make. Before the house […]

  • The diversity site, a PEN Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee project

    The idea that advised this poetry blog was and is the dissemination of literature, specifically poetic literature, in non-traditional formats such as web-formatted publication.  The reader can find the kernel of this  idea discussed here.  There are links on the Poethead about page to the Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights (Barcelona 1996) and to UBUWEB.  The […]

  • PEN International Endorses Irish PEN Centre’s Campaign Against Ireland’s Blasphemy Laws

    27 April 2011 : from  The Irish PEN website ” PEN International strongly supports the repeal of Ireland’s Defamation Act of 2009 and an amendment to the Irish Constitution‘s requirement that blasphemy be prohibited under Irish law. PEN is an organization whose members pledge to promote good understanding and mutual respect between nations and to […]