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  • ‘I have come to ask certain disrespectful questions of the tradition’; Boland on poetry’s ‘lesser-space’

    ‘I am an Irish poet. A woman poet. In the first category I enter the tradition of the English language at an angle. In the second, I enter my own tradition at an even more steep angle. I need to be candid about this because, of course, these two identities shape and re-shape what I have […]

  • “Sonnet” by Alice Oswald

    Sonnet I can’t sleep in case a few things you said no longer apply. The matter’s endless, but definitions alter what’s ahead and you and words are like a hare and tortoise.  Aaaagh there’s no description — each a fractal  sectioned by silences, we have our own skins to feel through and fall back through […]

  • T.S Eliot and the death of poetry

    The image is from this BBC report. Poetry was once  important as a part of  our culture,  and as an  art.   This week , the Ted Hughes memorial-stone  made headlines , it  is sited near to T.S Eliot’s memorial-stone in Poet’s Corner  at Westminster Abbey.  I have linked the report above here. Unfortunately, T.S Eliot’s memory, […]

  • A poet-companion; Tess Gallagher translates Liliana Ursu.

    There are two posts on this blog which link to short poems by Lilian Ursu.  The poems are from the Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation of The Sky Behind the Forest, by Liliana Ursu. The volume had two translators, Adam J Sorkin and Tess Gallagher. Interestingly, the volume does not initial the translators work beneath the text , so  it […]

  • Dispossessions: News of the Fightback against Poetry Cuts in the ACE 2011.

    This morning it is reported that nine poets  are disputing the Arts Council cuts in England. Poetry is an encounter, and always surprising, so I am adding in here the links and reports on what is (imo) a most utilitarian and pedestrian set of decisions regarding funding cuts across the water. Nine leading poets call for ACE rethink on PBS cut.   From […]