Feis Teamhra

Today there was a ‘Turn at Tara’.  A cultural protest and celebration which included the voices of  Séamus Heaney, Paul Muldoon, Susan Mc Keown, and Laoise Kelly.

There was guitar and harp, rhyme and reason. The event occurred in the shadow of  the Sheelagh Na Gig at the gravelly courtyard of the Tara Heritage Centre in a pool  of sunlight with young kids running about, puppies barking and falcons flying beyond the walls.

Dr Muireann ní Bhrolocháin Mc(ed) and each artist did three pieces to denote the importance  of the centre in our dialogue, the importance of lyric and protest in the Irish engagement with  this planet that we all happen to share.

I stood with Robert, one of the campaigners ,holding a full length image of a desecrated tomb from the Collierstown graveyard , which had been excavated , the bodies removed and put in  bags (with wee plastic tags).

Everyone who attended was asked to sign the petition for re-burials on the way out and indeed they did. It was a good day, it was nice to see our poets and musicians stand up and ask the Government to  recognise that they have offended the people.

It was nice not to see the police nor security people who have abused and hurt those who stood against the destruction of our cultural centre. So thanks to Muireann and Paul and Susan for standing up and making it a wonderful day.

tara abu!
Mo ghra thú.

Feis Teamhar
Feis Teamhar

2 responses to “Feis Teamhra”

  1. Hi Chris, I really wanted to be at Tara for this event and I couldn’t – I would dearly love to know what Heaney and Muldoon had to say on the day – Could you oblige by any chance???


  2. The whole thing was recorded and I am hoping that the twovideo workers will have the whole day’s speeches and songs available:

    http://www.savetara.com for info.

    Both Seamus and Paul were there to ask questions and talk to the campaigns. I was working and watching so I cannot quote verbatim his words, but can tell you of the tone of the day, the mood and the people.

    it was a quiet celebration and recognition of the cultural value of Tara. it was an act of solidarity for the protestors, one of whom is his nephew and a poet. There was a sadness recognised amongst those of us who were there; and have witnessed this appalling desecration.

    I hope that we will have a video edited and linked to one of the campaign sites.

    sorry I cannot be more helpful. Paul Muldoon btw also was there and wondered when we will wake up to our losses as a community.

    It was not as the Irish Times said ,a reading by the laureate at the beginning of heritage week.

    The press releases and comments are on the link provided.


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